The Haringey Young Musicians Phuket Cultural Tour is rapidly approaching. Everyone involved in bringing this unprecedented musical experience to Phuket is particularly excited by the ambition associated with the project and the sheer potential to make an explosive musical statement on the island. We hope that you share our excitement and will want to be a part of the occasion.

Between the dates of 10-19 February 2020, we have invited The Haringey Young Musicians to visit Phuket and to share in a full and dynamic programme of workshops, rehearsals and concerts, with student musicians from the schools of Phuket.

The Haringey young Musicians

The Haringey young Musicians is a registered charity which supports the musical development of children living or attending schools within the London borough of Haringey, UK. The group run an extensive range of instrumental and choral ensembles, maintaining a full annual programme of high profile engagements in the UK and internationally.

Haringey Young Musicians coordinates individual, group and whole class instrumental and vocal music tuition in Haringey schools, drawing on the services of a highly skilled and carefully vetted team of over 150 freelance tutors, most of whom are also performing musicians in London orchestras, bands and beyond.

The Haringey Young Musicians international tours

Haringey Young Musicians has an impressive track record of cultural exchange tours around the world. Travelling around the world and performing in other countries invariably proves to be an unforgettable, seminal experience in the journey to adulthood, as attested by numerous messages of thanks from parents and students alike.

Their main purpose of the international tour is to develop the musical skills which will support them to engage in character-building relationships with students from different cultures and develop confidence, working as a part of a team.

Advanced level groups travel widely for cultural exchanges including previous tours of Finland, Barbados, Jamaica, USA, Argentina, China and Peru.

Now it is our turn. The party visiting Phuket will consist of roughly ninety 14-18 year old students; accomplished musicians forming an orchestra, a big band, choral groups and a substantial guitar ensemble. The tour promises to be a landmark event in the Phuket cultural calendar.

Whilst taking the lead and driving this initiative, Kajonkiet International School is committed to involving as many local youth musicians as possible the project. Within a collegiate framework we want to give everyone in Phuket the chance to benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Being a Host Family

We are inviting families from within the KIS community to become hosts for our visiting musicians. The Guide for Host Families is available (click here) for your reference and if you would like to learn more about what’s involved and also to register your interest please contact us on:

Haringey Young Musicians Phuket Cultural Tour

Sign up for Host Families

** Please note that according to HYM’s child safety policy, the host will be welcoming at least 2 children per family

Showcase Concert & Ticketing

The tour is an ambitious undertaking in its collaborative design and in the nature of its content. The aspirational tour programme will involve invitation to and, involvement with, other schools, both international and local, in Phuket. Adopting a collegiate approach, we aim to involve as wide a population of children from beyond the KIS school community as we can accommodate. This is a chance for music and the performance of live music, at an elite level, to be celebrated in Phuket. Opening the doors to the wider community of student musicians and ensuring exposure to the whole of Phuket through the scheduled performances will help us to realise our educational commitment for opportunity, creativity and excellence to be celebrated.

A range of concerts and performances will feature in the tour programme, the centre-piece of which will be on Tuesday 11 February in a showcase concert bringing together not only the musicians from the UK but also a wealth of student musicians attending schools locally.

Further information on the ticketing and location of the Showcase Concert to be determined.

Online ticket is 270 THB, available at and 250 THB at KIS reception counter.

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Special Note

Our Sponsors

The power of music to shape, influence and reflect our culture is well recorded throughout history. Music influences us fundamentally; emotionally, spiritually and physically. In setting trends; experimenting with new technologies; private reflection or shared public performance; music is central to our cultural identities. This tour will see evidence of all of this. In addition to this, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks our main sponsors who made this wonderful event possible. Please support our sponsors whenever you can!

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