Although KIS is placed under Kajonkiet group’s umbrella, KIS is the only school that offers the English National Curriculum, which is a standardised curriculum that is followed by thousands of British schools around the world. By choosing a British education for your child, you can ensure continuing their education anywhere in the world. Teaching and learning is enquiry based with an emphasis on problem solving and aims to build up pupils’ abilities as learners. Work takes place both individually and in groups.

KIS is made up of many nationalities from across the globe, providing a truly international educational environment for our students. Approximately 36% of student population is Thai, while the remaining 64% represents 50 nationalities. This blend of cultures provides our students with experiences that will prepare them for being leader in tomorrow’s international community.

KIS recognises that one of the top priorities for a quality international education is the attainment of skilled English fluency. English is the language of instruction in all year levels and it is important that students are able to successfully access the curriculum within our available EAL resource. If the student requires EAL support, parents will be notified during the feedback session with the head of departments prior to their enrolment here at KIS.

The KIS academic staff is comprised of fully qualified specialist teachers. Most teachers are employed from the UK and Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and North America with the majority being British. The diverse experiences of our staff enable us to provide a rich and creative learning environment.

KIS Academic Scholarships are available to students starting in Year 10 on the IGCSE programme and, starting in Year 12 on the A level programme. All scholarship candidates are assessed on proven academic ability and clear potential for success. Future opportunities for scholarships in the following categories are anticipated:

Art Drama Music Sport

At capacity the maximum number of students per class in the Primary School is 20 and in the Secondary School is 24. Classes in EYFS accommodate 16 children. Many lessons consist of class sizes much lower than the capacity, particularly those at IGCSE level.

We are certain you and your child will have many more questions. Please contact us at reception@kisp.academy– we will be delighted to answer any further questions you may have.